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The underestimated and unknown writers and their “Mary Sues”


Have you ever heard about fanfiction? Fanfiction is a story regarding characters and events written by fans of an original work instead of its true author. Throughout the Internet you can stumble on a lot of both bad and good samples of what fanfiction really is. However, lately, these fans have made stories which are associated with only bad things. And, well, let’s be honest, the majority of fanfiction on the Internet is rubbish. Some stories are so bad that they can make you suffer nightmares and are even able to kill your brain cells. I am talking, of course, about the stories which I like to refer to as  “what has been seen cannot be unseen” and “I will never sleep again”.

And yes, such stories do really exist. If you ever see one of them, do not read it because it will most likely ruin your childhood.

And here are some things you may find in bad fanfiction:

1. Bad grammar – it is so painful that it is able to spoil your favorite language… forever (I shok my pale handz wif their blak noil polish wif hi) “I have no idea what I’ve just read…”

2. The characters we see in the original story will be OOC (out of character) in the fan- made version (Like Harry Potter being Gothic) 

3. No order of the story whatsoever

4. The author may have messed up his\her OWN NAME (Ebony, Evony, Eboby, Enoby)

5. The author has shared his\her most disgusting and disturbing dreams

6. The characters who the author doesn’t like just don’t exist

And yet there is one thing that is always associated with bad fanfiction. That is Mary Sue. Mary Sue\Gary Stu is a character in a fanfiction, who is perfect. A Mary Sue would be beautiful like a goddess, would have unnatural colored hair and eyes different from one another, would be able to stay thin no matter now much she eats, would look younger than she really is. She would have a tragic past, in which she loses her parents or she would find out she is some lost royal child. On top of all that, everyone likes her, or anyone who doesn’t, will later on become her friend, all the main characters fall for her and she has mystical creatures helping her. A Mary Sue may also be able to fly or have great strength. She would be half neko (cat), unicorn, giraffe, dog, human, angel, daemon, devil, god and anything else you can think of (which makes it even more ridiculous). And, of course, she would probably use random Japanese words, she would have hidden powers and she would save everyone, leaving aside what happens in the real story.

But not all Mary Sues have these traits, and this is what makes it so difficult to justify if a certain character is a Mary Sue or not. But there is one thing they all share. Mary Sues are annoying, out of the ordinary and make lots of people *headdesk*.

Fanfictions are very popular but not because they are good. The reason they are famous is the fact that the majority of stories can at least make you laugh. And if not, they will make you rage out and scream in pain, leaving you wondering why they exist.

So, next time you think about posting a story on the Internet, consider the possibility of ending up being one of the most hated people walking the Earth. Be careful what you share on the Internet and try not to make mistakes.


Екатерина Ватева 7а

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